About us

 Creating unique artistry from wood by Perley & Nicholas Kinney

Perley and Nicholas are father and son artists living in Terrace B.C. In their workshop they create one of a kind woodturnings from the Northwestern wood of British Columbia, Canada. The beauty of nature unfolds before their eyes into beautiful artistic creations. The unique Vine Maple, Birch, Yellow Cedar, Red Cedar, Alder, Hemlock Burls, and other native B.C. woods come alive with their own beauty after they are delicately sculptured in their woodshop. Each "Burl" (an unusual growth found on trees) is in itself special, making the creations between father and son one of a kind. The beauty of the wood is reflected in the natural color and unique grain patterns. The life and spirit is exposed in each artistic piece. This is truly a unique God-given gift to both father and son.